Olympia Kyklos [オリンピア・キュクロス] (2020)

Japanese with subtitles (except ep. 1); 24 episodes; 5 min. each; dir. Ryō Fujii

This series is based on a manga by Mari Yamazaki, creator of Thermae Romae, and was orginally published in Grand Jump magazine beginning in 2018. The anime series aired on Tokyo MX in 2020 and features an experimental, mixed-media style of animation, with clay animation playing a prominent role.

Much like Thermae Romae, the story told is comical and involves time travel between the ancient world and modern-day Japan: To save his village, Demetrios of Tritonia, a mediocre vase painter who isn’t all that interested in sports and competition (despite being very athletic), must discover new games for the creation of a local Olympics that will bring in money for the greedy and corrupt mayor. “While hiding inside a large vase outside his workshop, lightning strikes the vase Demetrios is in, transferring him to Tokyo, Japan, during the 1964 Summer Olympics,” where he finds the solution to his problem with the help of a few of his present-day relatives.

The show also features a dolphin who is Demetrios’ rival in vase painting, silly Spartans, and a bard called Homer, who sings a different song at the end of each episode about a related Greek word or custom. In episode 2, for example, “BUCK NAKED” is the subject of the song, which is dedicated to exercising nude — the kynodesme even gets a mention!

This is some quality Classical receptioning.







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