Ulysses 31 [宇宙伝説ユリシーズ31 / Ulysse 31] (1981)

This television series sets the mythological tale of Odysseus or Ulysses in the 31st century. The show was originally created for a French audience by a Japanese studio (TMS/Telecom Animation Film in conjunction with DiC Audiovisuel) and comprised 26 half-hour episodes. In this Star Wars inspired version of the story, Ulysses is commander of a spaceship called the Odyssey and he has angered the gods by killing the Cyclops in an effort to save his son Telemachus from enslavement and sacrifice. As punishment, Zeus places Ulysses’ crew in suspended animation and forces him to travel the universe, where he has adventures that parallel those in the original Odyssey, though he also encounters other famous figures from mythology. In order to bring his crew back to life and return to Earth, he must find the Kingdom of Hades.






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