Ancient Rome in Motion (ARM)

Ray Laurence, professor of Ancient History at Macquarie University and creator of the short animated film Four Sisters in Ancient Rome, has created a new initiative called Ancient Rome in Motion (ARM) which develops high-quality, research-led content, to support the teaching of Ancient History in High Schools and to engage the wider public.

ARM creates content for short animated films that are designed to be accessible to a teenage audience, alongside additional resources for teachers to build lessons around these films.

The films create an environment for better student engagement and curiosity, whilst at the same time delivering content based on the latest academic research on Roman history and archaeology. As Ray puts it, “Animation has movement and life to it, whilst we also know that it is not real; in contrast documentaries focus on archaeological remains that are static; whilst all movement is achieved through a focus on the presenter, panning, or through 3D reconstruction. Hence, for me at least, animation causes Ancient Rome to have motion and we can help students imagine the past through narration and visual story-telling.”

Please consider supporting Ray’s initiative by signing up to be a Patreon sponsor! Click the link above to sign up and to learn more.

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