The Pink Panther: “Pinkus Pantherus” (1993)

10 min; Season 1, Episode 9; English

In 1993, MGM/UA rebooted the Pink Panther franchise with a new TV series that lasted two seasons. In this series, unlike in previous ones, the Panther was a speaking character, which was apparently a controversial change.

In this episode, the panther enlists as a recruit in the Roman army. His rival/nemesis is the burly General Maximus, who is summoned by the emperor Samerus (played by The Little Man/Big Nose) to guard his spoiled princess of a daughter as she travels to meet her husband to be. The panther and legionnaire compete for her affections on the trip (this includes Maximus singing in the style of Elvis, “Rome wasn’t built in a day, knows the Appian Way…”). In the end a Frankenstein-like Cyclops attacks the group, but the princess falls in love with him. The short ends with their wedding and the panther being celebrated as a great matchmaker, while the general carries their baggage.

All in all this is a rather uninspired short with trite gags (e.g., ending random words with -us), basic animation, and a pretty random plot that only superficially engages with ancient Rome.



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