The Cave: A Parable Told by Orson Welles (1974)

This eight-minute educational film was produced by American publishing giant CRM/McGraw Hill Films in 1974 and tells the story of Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” in a psychedelic style. It features actor Orson Welles as its narrator and was animated by illustrator Dick Oden.  There is little additional information available about the circumstances of this film’s production; however, its philosophical subject matter  — authority, obedience, perception and the nature of reality — were themes that were being explored in a number of experimental films and cartoons of the 1970s (see also “The Return to Olympus” and “Metamorphoses”). An intriguing description of the film suggests that it was made in order to educate workers and those in positions of leadership about “the strategies that managers use to train and supervise their employees.”



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