Animaniacs: “Warners Unbound” (2020)

Season 1, Episode 2; English; 8 min.

In this episode, Wakko, Yakko and Dot (aka Wakkicus, Yakkicus and Dotticus) are Greek gods who decide to take a vacation from Mt. Olympus and get some rest from all the smiting of mortals they’ve been doing. They slide down and get settled in relaxing on a Greek island, when suddenly a boastful Odysseus and his crew appear and decide to “soak those nerds” with their ship. His antics provoke the trio to return to Olympus and set in motion a plan to punish him by keeping him from reaching Ithaca. They agree to plague him with monsters and thereby break him down, starting with the Sirens. These Sirens are Justin Bieber lookalikes that sing a song called “I’m Gonna Eat’cha,” which the sailors seem to enjoy. The gods then smash them down to the Underworld, which Odysseus mistakes for “Aegean Ninja Warrior,” a show he loves and attempts to compete in. The gods then transport him to the island of the Cyclops, a huge Donald Trump inspired monster who turns Odysseus into his new loofah. Odysseus finally surrenders to the gods, begs for forgiveness and gets flushed back home. The trio want to destroy the Cyclops but say they cannot, because the Romans meddled and made him a demigod, “Or was it a demagogue?”



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