The Mighty Hercules (1963-66)

This Canadian/American series consists of 128 five-minute episodes that were produced by Adventure Joe Oriolo (co-creator of Casper the Friendly Ghost) and Cartoons for Television, Inc. The Mighty Hercules aired for three years, from 1963-66, usually in a block with other cartoons or back-to-back in a thirty minute block. The show is very loosely based on the mythology surrounding Hercules but with some very odd features, such as his Centaur sidekick Newton who constantly repeats himself, and Daedalus, who is portrayed as an evil and crafty wizard. Hercules helps out mortals in danger, often in the kingdom of Calydon, with the help of his magic ring, from which he derives his superpowers. Both the 1940s cartoon series, Superman, and the live-action sword-and-sandal films from this period starring Steve Reeves (and others) as Hercules, are clear influences on this simple yet enduring series (which features a very catchy theme song).





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